We provide different products that cater to the needs of connectivity solution. These include complete line of routers offering different levels of storage space and coming in varying speeds. The connectivity solutions products also includes switches, acess servers, interface cards, wireless sets, GLCs, Security apparatus etc,.All the products that we sell are stringently checked by our quality controllers to ensure flawlessness. We also provide an all time query resolution and support regarding implementation, laying and control of networks.

Our teams of IT experts are always at the disposal of the clients to help them resolve all kinds of connectivity integration problems.

PRODUCT & SERVICES Of TATA Communications Limited

  • Access Services
  • Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • Conferencing Services
  • Enterprise Voice
  • Hosted Contact Center
  • IP & CDN
  • Colocation, Managed Hosting & Storage
  • Managed Security Services
  • Mobility Services
  • MPLS
  • Telepresence
  • Transmission Services (IPL & NPL)
  • Virtual Network Operator (VNO)
  • WAN Ethernet Services
  • Wholesale Voice
  • Commercial Management
  • Global Media and Entertainment Solutions (GMES)

Access Service

Access service is essentially used to provide both Intra-city & Inter-city links.The Service is delivered over both Wire-line and Wire-less access. Wire-line access is on MAN, for large bandwidth requirement services. Wireless access is typically used for E1 and below bandwidth requirements. Wireless platform is used to provide access services to increase our reach, reduce time to delivery and increase scalability. Wire-Line access on MAN for large BW services .Backbone in 32 cities across the country. Wire-less access for reach, fast deployment, and scalability Licensed Frequency Services.

SAAS- Software as services

Given the financial turbulence in the market, many organizations prefer to outsource critical and non strategic services to credible service providers. For organizations, pay as you use, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a strong option which requires minimal capex (often none at all),

Conferencing Services

GlobalMeet: Global anytime, anywhere conferencing on our high speed network. Your most important international calls demand the highest-quality connections. GlobalMeet has local access points around the globe to enable easier and more cost-effective connection than you’ve ever enjoyed. Key Features: Automated service with international toll-free and local access

Enterprise Voice

GlobalMeet: Global anytime, anywhere conferencing on our high speed network.

Hosted Contact Centre

A contact center Solution that’s customized to your business, not a business that’s limited by your contact center applications. InstaCC InstaCC, is a packaged, hosted contact center solution that requires minimal customization and integrate with your whole array of verticals.

About IP

IP delivers IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity regionally and nationally on six continents, at access speeds ranging from Ethernet to 10 Gig-E and E1 to OC-192. Engineered exclusively for IP traffic, our global, carrier-grade network carries your Internet traffic by land, sea or air, for super.

Colocation, Managed Hosting & Storage

About Data Center Services (Colocation, Managed Hosting And Storage) Data Centre Services (also referred to as Managed IT Infrastructure Services) includes the following 3 key services: Colocation Services, Managed Hosting Services, Managed Storage Services, Data Centre Services are tailored

Managed Security Services

Tata Communications Managed Security Services Ensuring security requires more than deploying a set of devices and point solutions. Tata Communication solutions are managed and monitored by our experienced personnel to ensure adherence to industry best practices. Tata Communications managed solutions reduce the amount of time.

Mobility Services

Take operators' mobile services farther with our suite of value-added mobile solutions. Our offerings enable operators to offer differentiated services to their subscribers, enhance satisfaction and drive increased ARPU Differentiated Services Whether through enterprise messaging, enhanced roaming.

MPLS VPN Service Features & Options

Global VPN Services deliver secure, flexible and scalable MPLS solutions backed by SLAs for data, voice, video and multimedia applications on a converged network infrastructure, allowing enterprises to simplify and integrate their networks regardless of location while connecting employees.


Global Meeting Exchange GMX Conference from Tata Communications gives customers the ability to collaborate in high definition, with exceptional audio and video, with any connected telepresence room regardless of service provider. That means enterprises can invite customers and suppliers, even outsourced service providers.

Transmission Services (IPL & NLP-Private Lines)

A Transmission (or transport) service is bandwidth that connects two geographic points. The bandwidth is dedicated, secure, and application agnostic. There are industry standards for all bandwidth services from DS-0 to STM-64. The lower bandwidths, DS-0 to DS-3.

Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

Tata Communications, the first Hybrid Virtual Network Operator - HVNO Tata Communications acquired VNO capabilities from CIPRIS in january 2007, becoming the first global Hybrid VNO operator. VNO capabilities permit to augment the coverage of other products (150+ countries), propose 'pure VNO' products or innovative solutions (Connect IPSec, Hybrid VPN, custom solutions..).With the spirit of delivering vendor neutral solutions, fully managed - ‘one stop shop’

WAN Ethernet Services

Tata Communications is a world leader in Ethernet. Tata Communications offers the widest portfolio of Ethernet Services available on a global scale. Tata's wide portfolio gives our customers the ability to select the best Ethernet service for their particular needs.