Puthur Infotech Pvt Ltd supplies high quality Surveillance Products to provide you the best security services for various applications that include banks, libraries, institutions, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, and transportation areas. The Surveillance Products offered by our company are widely used in commercial applications that require recording with one or more network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras connected to a surveillance computer. Our Surveillance Products are the best security solution for commercial and private sectors.

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The network cameras are the excellent security solutions for Banks, as these are efficient to keep an eye on entrance, cash counters and ATMs 24x7 for the safety & security of the Bank as well as customers. These cameras contain all required functions that comprises of storing of images or relaying alarm signals from the security point of view. Besides this, the central site can be used for managing multiple cameras efficiently at every bank location and recorded images can be archived locally. These are adequate to provide storage of images for viewing later.


Network camera positioned in ports, railway stations, highways and bus terminus ensures security of these places. The network camera placed at these places monitor locations and movement of peoples and vehicles round the clock. As these network cameras cover wide area that makes these wireless network economically and easily affordable.


A safe and secure environment is essential for any educational institution. Our IP video-monitoring system is largely preferred by educational institutions for creating safe environment. These are easily operational and suitable to place anywhere in the building - entrances, exits, corridors, playgrounds, parking and many more. The system can be easily integrated in existing campus LAN, which reduces installation’ cost and save your precious time.

Government & Public Venues

The IP video monitoring systems supplied by our company are the best security solutions. These are economical for government and widely used for the coverage of cities, towns and special events at public places. The system is the best way to control increasing of accidents at alarming rate, by placing them to keep an eye on roads


The network camera is useful for different industrial processes in different locations like factories, inventory monitoring at warehouses, real time monitoring of production lines and construction sites monitoring, etc. These cameras have great demand by managers to give quick direction from any location to any person or group. The cameras supplied by us are the perfect security solutions for any organization.


IP visual monitoring system is the perfect solution for providing security anywhere including retail, shops, malls, etc. The system provided by us creates safe shopping environment customers and can be effective deterrent to shoplifters. These cameras also help in analyzing people counting, traffic analysis and sales monitoring.


We are the prominent audio/visual service provider. Network video monitoring offered by us is an ideal technique for museums, exhibitions, theme parks and resorts for increasing their presence globally. All this is possible due to online web attraction, which is daily viewed by numerous peoples. Live images from network camera can be easily integrated in existing website for increasing website traffic, which makes web attraction an outstanding revenue generating tool.