• The system support engineer will work exclusively for you. You can directly talk to the support person over chat, Skype, WhatsApp and phone. He will work on your time schedule ( 8 hours, 5 days a week )
  • You can hire multiple support engineers to build a team and which will help you to provide 24x7 support to your clients. Please contact our sales team for a discount.
Plan Support Person Cost
SDS-P1 Junior System Engineer $499 per month
SDS-P2 System Engineer $649 per month
SDS-P2 Senior System Engineer $999 per month
  • If you need help in managing multiple support engineers, a dedicated Team Manager will cost $999 per month extra.
  • Experience Levels : Junior System Engineer is 0 to 1-year experience ; System Engineer is 2 to 4 years experience ; System Engineer is 4+ years experience